BME Books Classical Guitar Book 1 Hard copy


BME Books Classical guitar method book 1 is an 88 page method book that will help you achieve the guitar playing that you wish to have.

Lessons include:

- Tuning your guitar

- Stringing your guitar

- Parts of the guitar

- Learning to read music

- Playing barre chords

- Playing open chords

- Playing with proper technique (right hand and left hand)

- Scales and arpeggios

- Warm-ups for the guitar

- What to look for when you buy a guitar

- Musical terms

- And more!

Building Musicianship Classical Guitar Book 1 is the first book of a series of books that
will be available to guide you or your students in learning the guitar. The series starts
at the beginner level and will proceed to an advanced level. All music has been
chosen or composed with a particular skill or technique in mind. By the end of the
Book 1 you will have a sound and thorough understanding of the basics of guitar.

Please view some examples of pages from the book below.

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