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BME Books Classical Guitar Book 1 PDF


BME Books Classical Guitar Book 1 is designed for anyone just learning to play guitar. Building Musicianship Classical Guitar Book 1 is the first book of a series of books that
is be available to guide you in learning the guitar. All music in Book 1 has been chosen or composed with a particular skill or technique in mind. By the end of Book 1 you will have a sound and thorough understanding of the basics of guitar.

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Book 1 - Book Only
Series: Classical Guitar
Publisher: BME Books
Format: PDF
Author: Jeff Williams


Lessons include:

- Tuning your guitar

- Stringing your guitar

- Parts of the guitar

- Learning to read music

- Playing barre chords

- Playing open chords

- Playing with proper technique (right hand and left hand)

- Scales and arpeggios

- Warm-ups for the guitar

- What to look for when you buy a guitar

- Musical terms

- And more!


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Please view some examples of pages from the book below.